Brandon Stanton finally concludes his Pakistan series of Humans of New York by sharing a bit from Syeda Ghulam Fatima’s story who leads the Bonded Labour Liberation Front and has ‘devoted her life to ending bonded labor.’ The series began on 30th July when almost everyone from Pakistan got their fan girl/ fan boy mode switched on. It continued for about half a month of August.

Brandon, who began from Hunza, travelled across Pakistan in cities like Karachi and Lahore and shared stories of Pakistan from his own lens. His work was appreciated by many Pakistanis who thanked him for doing the much needed work for Pakistan, the work which our media had failed to accomplish over several years. “We Pakistanis will always remember the positive work Brandon did for us, feeling proud to be a Pakistani. Thanks Brandon once again.” Said Sajid Riaz. Not only Pakistanis, but foreigners too thanked Brandon for showing them the brighter side of Pakistan, which they all were unaware of. Derek Cohen from USA commented on one the photos that, “When you hear “Pakistan” you get pictures of what the news tells you about the country in your head. Then, you see a HONY post, and it reminds you that no, Pakistan is just another place, with other humans, just like you and me.”

“I honestly never realized Pakistan had so much to offer. The media leads you to believe that these places are extremely dangerous to visit, but you have opened my eyes so thank you.” Says Jayde Rachel Ashen from Australia.

Dan Morales expresses his views too. “I must confess that now I have a very different (and certainly better) perspective of Pakistan since I see all of this pics. Brandon, you’re really changing the way that everyone looks at each other. Thankyou.” He said.

Before ending his series, he also helped in creating an online donation page for Syeda Ghulam Fatima to help her in the cause of ending of bonded labour at the brick kilns. Thank you Brandon. Thank you for all you have done for our country.