Police ‘corruption’ behind traffic jams

VEHARI-With the posting of DSP Traffic Riaz Gujjar here, the traffic situation is turning from bad to worse with frequent traffic jams particularly on Club Road and Jinnah Road due to encroachments.
On these roads, traffic is seen stuck because of traffic officers who allow the rickshaw drivers and pushcart vendors to stay on the road and do their work without any fear. The traffic policemen allegedly take bribe from each underage driver and vendors and let them do their business.
Sources revealed that this is instructions of the DSP traffic not get them move from the roads resultantly the traffic always remains stuck in Bagh Wali Masjid Chowk, Gol Chowk and on Club Road even in the presence of traffic police. The cops have set up multiple pickets to check youth from doing a wheelie.
They mostly don’t stop the youth from doing the hazardous practice. The DSP traffic allegedly has very strong relations with some middle men who are notorious for maintaining relations with the traffic police and the encroachers. The Middle men have their own rates according to the task and they are enjoying the full protection of DSP traffic. The people of Vehari have demanded inquiry of traffic department against the irregularities.

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