While there was a lot of hoopla in the press about TransPeshawar winning the Award for “Best Smart Ticketing Programme” (200K+ journeys) for 2022 at the Transport Ticketing Global there was disbelief in the local audience as well. There is general disbelief in the society about a local system getting international recognition. To those people I want to say come and travel on the BRT network and benefit from the services and judge for yourself. The smart ticketing system developed by LMKR is one of the most critical steps toward making Peshawar’s public transport more efficient, accessible and affordable. The ticketing system offers a wide range of benefits to its commuters. Faster transactions, and efficient payment methods make the overall experience really smooth.

This smart ticketing system removes people from the process validation with the help of the latest technology as people can use their Zu Cards or Mobile App to pay anywhere, anytime. It collects payments from mobile wallets, and ticket vending machines, and point of sales is inserted into turnstiles or validators installed on vehicles making the payment process smooth.

The biggest benefit is that commuters no longer have to be concerned about finding exact change or carrying around the BRT travel card – or waiting in lines at ticket counters. The system is easily accessible because of mobile wallets and facilitates you even if you forget your wallet at home. All this with reduced fraud, and theft makes the process of using the public transportation systems more user-friendly.

This locally produce technology is way advance and user-friendly than existing system of Metro Bus and Orange Line train developed by our Chinese and Turkish technology partners.