If you put water in the glass according to its capacity level it is good but when you increase water above the capacity level then it flows out from the glass and makes a mess on the table. Extremism is like this: if you do anything such as extreme love for your country and religion. When you love on an extreme level it will negatively impact you as well as society. A person who follows extreme thoughts is known as an extremist.

The rise of extremism is not caused by one person but there are some mafias who brainwash people through fake ideas and thoughts, our social system and illiteracy is the main cause of extremism. Further, our pro religious scholars and politicians play the main role to make people more aggressive by adding their emotional speeches, then people easily get in their trap and react spontaneously, without analyzing reality.

The major impact of extremism is the lack of peace in society. When nationalists arose on an extreme level, then illiterate pro-nationalists were involved in activities such as strikes, roadblocks, and damaging government offices, and these all things had a negative impact on education, health, and the economy. These things are very important for developing countries. When extremism in religion is high it will increase unrest in the state, causing sectarianism problems.