Boy who survived bullets in the face

Muhammad Waleed Khan is a survivor of the December 19, 2014 attack on the Army Public School Peshawar, he received bullets in the face and legs during the attack. After the attack Waleed went abroad for treatment and there he came to know why he was saved – to live for others.

Waleed Khan spoke to The Nation and said that he had a difficult time in moving on in life after the incident. “Indeed it was really difficult time and still is but with the time things are getting better day by day.”

“After this incident I got a purpose of my life; before this I wanted to live for myself but now I want to live for others. My future plans are to spread message of peace and help children around the world and in Pakistan who are affected by terrorism, poverty, starvation and more. I want to educate our future generations.”

An act of terrorism is a trauma for the survivors, they need psychological help. Almost all children and families of APS have needed help. Waleed said he had not fully recovered from that trauma. “I attend sessions with a psychologist. I still can't forget that time. But I am hopeful that Insha Allah with time things will get better,” he said. 

About his parents he said, “As a parent it is really difficult to see your child suffer. Indeed it was the hardest time for my parents and it still is but they are my biggest support. They encouraged me to be brave and fight all the hardships that came in my way.”

Everyone needs support in times of crises to rise once again. Waleed Khan said that Pakistan Army supported him a lot however he said would like to mention the name of Muniba Mazari. “She was and is my biggest inspiration. She supported me throughout my journey,” he said.

The National Action Plan was devised by the government to counter terrorism post-12/16, and according to Waleed Khan NAP has improved things, “I think NAP has helped improve things in Pakistan. Before the APS incident there were bomb blasts on daily basis in Pakistan but after the incident when the NAP was implemented things are getting lesser and the situation is pretty much under control. This is all because of the sacrifices of our brave people of Pakistan including children, and women and the brave soldiers and all the law enforcement agencies. Our nation has given lots of sacrifices in this war. Still we have to go through a long journey for peace.

“However a lot of work needs to be done and hopeful our sacrifices the sacrifices of our people and our soldiers will pay off. We will never give up and continue our struggle for peace.” During the recovery procedure in England, “Malala's family had supported me and my family a lot. They encouraged me and motivated me very much at every step,” he said.




R Umaima Ahmed

R. Umaima Ahmed

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