KP paramedics resume postponed protest, demand solution to problems

MARDAN  -  Sharafatullah Yousafzai, Provincial Pres­ident of the Paramedical Staff Associa­tion Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, emphasized the resumption of a postponed protest due to what he termed “aimless dis­cussions” with the Health Advisor. He expressed discontent over the lack of follow-through on addressing the legit­imate concerns of paramedics, stating this during a media interaction.

During the monthly meeting chaired by Sharafatullah Yousafzai, the Gener­al Secretary, Haji Luqman Gul, present­ed the agenda of the Paramedical Staff Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The meeting unanimously decided to ex­pedite the promotion process. It was agreed that the pending Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) of scale 12 should convene next week, with im­mediate issuance of promotion/posting orders for completed DPCs.

Strong condemnation was voiced re­garding the Health Care Commission’s raids on first aid centers operated by qualified paramedics, followed by their publicization on social media. The Ad­visor to CM on Health, Dr. Riaz Anwar, the Secretary Health, DG Health, and the Chief Executive of HCC were urged to cease these unauthorized raids and as­sociated humiliations promptly. Failure to do so might lead the paramedics’ com­munity to boycott hospital work, which the Healthcare Commission restricts outside hospital premises.

Criticism was raised against directo­rate-level committees formed to address paramedic staff issues, citing their nom­inal existence and lack of efficacy. The demand was made to empower these committees and promptly execute their recommendations.

Sharafat Yousafzai, the association president, confirmed the decision to boycott EPI staff outreach activities across the province. Warning the pro­vincial government and health depart­ment officials, he stressed that failure to release outstanding payments to EPI staff, including arrears, by December 31 would lead to stricter actions from Jan­uary 1.

Further demands included the abo­lition of MTI, placement of promoted paramedics in upgraded positions or shadow roles in MTI hospitals, person­al upgradation in Ex-FATA, opposition to the Society of Anesthesia and similar groups to prevent division among par­amedics, and the call for constitution­al and disciplinary action against those disrupting the paramedic community.

Immediate disbursement of arrears from the paramedics’ community allo­cated to the Sindh flood program and prompt salary payments to employees in all projects, including MTI hospitals, were also stressed.

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