TransPeshawar to start new express route from Gulbahar to Hayatabad

PESHAWAR  -   To enhance its services, TransPeshawar (BRT) will start a new Express Route (ER 16) stretching from Gulbahar Chowk to Nawab Mar­ket Phase 6 Hayatabad, said a spokesperson of the company here on Friday.

The introduction of this new route is a significant step to­wards optimising commuting experiences for the residents of Peshawar. 

The express route encompass­es a total of 15 stops, seamlessly connecting key locations with­in the city. Commencing its jour­ney from Gulbahar Chowk, the route will traverse along the main BRT corridor, stopping at Malik Saad Shaheed, Sadar Ba­zaar, Tehkal Bala, Abdara, Uni­versity of Peshawar, Board Ba­zar, and concluding at the Mall of Hayatabad. 

Upon reaching the Mall of Hayatabad, the route will tran­sition to mixed traffic roads, ca­tering to additional stops on the feeder route including Zarghoni Masjid, Malik Saad Market, Haji Camp, Madrassa, Phase 7 Termi­nal, Gol Chowk, and Nawab Mar­ket. This new route is expected to alleviate passenger conges­tion on existing routes and pro­vide a more streamlined travel experience. 

The service will initially op­erate with a total of 16 buses dedicated to this specific route, ensuring prompt and efficient transportation for commuters. 

The BRT Peshawar system, boasting a fleet of 244 buses, operates on a comprehensive network of 17 routes. With all buses actively engaged in oper­ations, the BRT system serves approximately 300,000 passen­gers daily, further solidifying its position as a vital component of the city’s public transportation infrastructure. 

Saddaf Kami, TransPesha­war spokesperson, told the me­dia persons, “BRT Peshawar has become the backbone of the so­cial and economic structure of the city of Peshawar. We are cur­rently operating the system with a total of 244 buses on 17 routes providing service to about 300,000 passengers per day. Every single bus of our fleet is actively engaged in operations.” 

She added that they believe that this expansion will not only enhance the overall commuter experience but also contribute to the decongestion of existing routes.