Seeking the truth

According to medical science, we only use 15 percent of our neurons at one time. Is this the utmost level humans can achieve? And even if I assume it as the maximum level, I doubt its authenticity. How am I supposed to judge a brain’s capacity through another brain?

Perhaps, we are so limited. We are already scripted. We are part of a bigger plan. We don’t achieve or lose. We only follow. We don’t write our fate. Do we? No, we really don’t. It’s just that the training someone did before the match was also written. Not that he really made it happen, it was just meant to be. We are foolish and there’s nothing much we can do about it.

Nowadays, we are busy. We’re processing facts, pseudo facts and rumour every second. We are all doing more. We hire travel agents, salespeople, secretaries and even armies. But aren’t we so little? We were also hired. We don’t even remember where we came from? Do we? No, we don’t. Only fellow humans tell us, but they have the same brain. They also didn’t know their prerequisites.

We are doing jobs. We have children, parents, friends, careers, hobbies, favourite TV shows, secret lovers and fake politicians. But we have no control. We claim to have progressed but we have no access to other chambers of our brain.

Our mobiles have dictionaries, calculators, web browsers, calendars, voice recorders, weather forecasters, GPS and flashlights. Is this our success? I mean, it’s totally impossible to explain the reality of our lives to a brainy person like you. Since our brain is functioned not to absorb some unknown things, a reader like you can only irritate a writer like me. Look at you now. Did you choose to read this article? You were only destined to meet me. Of course, you thought of reading it, but the cerebral process that guided your actions was beyond your control.

Although we think we are doing multiple things at once, we are just switching from one task to another very rapidly. Also, we think we’re getting a lot done, we are actually less efficient. Again, I am not an expert in brain mathematics. But more importantly, I don’t need to be one. To me, there are no rules in this life except the ones made by your creator. Other rules were just opinions of fellow humans, translated and admired by majority. But there is no guarantee. In fact, such norms are a hurdle, blocking the road leading to reality.

When our phones were wired to a wall in the old days, we had no expectations. We didn’t feel like being reached, it was considered regular. Today, we have more phones and fewer toilets. This has created an unspoken expectation: “I am sorry, I can’t talk now, and I will call at night.”

Should I answer this call or ignore it? How do I buy that shirt? How do I file this case? Should I take a break? All such decision-making moments take up your energy. Dipped in radiations of all sorts coming from self-made equipments, man remains at loss. Eventually, mind-numbing number of emails, sexy advertisements and ambitions life goals end into dust. If you find yourself asking what’s real and what isn’t, I have won.    

Awais is a Digital Marketing consultant who develops creative growth strategies for brands online. His interests include research, photography, badminton and fiction writing. Find him on Facebook


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