Voters List for District Football Association Elections to be unveiled by tonight, says PFF

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee (NC) has reached a crucial phase in its election process as the voters list for District Football Association (DFA) Elections will be shared on PFF's official website and Social Media platforms today (Friday). The announcement was made by the Chairman of the Normalization Committee Haroon Malik accompanied by NC member Muhammad Shahid Niaz in a press conference held at the FIFA House, Lahore.

The release of the list of voters today will signify the culmination of extensive efforts undertaken to ensure transparency and fairness in the electoral process.  Chairman of the Normalization Committee Haroon Malik emphasized the commitment to upholding meritocracy, stating that only clubs meeting the specified criteria have been granted the right to vote.

He said: "Approximately 6000 applications were received through the Pakistan Football Connect program, with clubs undergoing rigorous scrutiny during the district championships. The criteria included 20 players, 3 officials, club constitution adherence, submission of affidavits, endorsement from district sports officers, and possessing a bank account. The clubs' commitment to following the requirements outlined in the PFF Statute shows their dedication, with no compromises allowed on the essential requirements."

Importantly, clubs that did not qualify for voting rights will still retain the opportunity to participate in football events, reaffirming inclusivity within the football community. He also highlighted the extensive outreach efforts, including newspaper advertisements, informative seminars, social media posts, Pakistan Football Connect (PFC) mobile van and press conferences that were employed to ensure widespread awareness.

On the occasion, NC member Muhammad Shahid Niaz said: "Stakeholders were kept informed through over 18,000 emails and approximately 50,000 phone calls, with the guidance from an advisory committee and influential figures within football circles. Mobile vans were also deployed across various cities to facilitate registration, ensuring accessibility for all interested parties."

The door remains open for clubs failing to meet the current criteria. In case, they fulfill constitutional requirements in the future, they too will be eligible for voting rights, reaffirming the commitment to fairness and inclusivity, he added.

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