SEHWAN   -  Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah while announcing the setting up Trans-Indus Research Institute’ under Endowment Fund Trust (EFT) in Karachi has said that the province had a vast and rich history that needs to be studied through scientific research works and the establishment of this institute could carry out effective research activities.

The chief minister announced this on Saturday while addressing a groundbreaking ceremony of conservation works being carried out by the Endowment Fund Trust for preservation of the Sehwan Fort, one of the historical sites of Sindh. Syed Murad Ali Shah said that he was quite satisfied that the EFT has restored the NauKot Fort in Thar and completed major conservation work of Rani Kot. “I believe Rani Kot conservation must have been a very difficult task, but it has been accomplished and the EFT management deserves appreciation,” he said and added that this uphill task of venturing to save Sehwan Fort with a mysterious history was indeed a challenge. The chief minister appreciated the spirit of the EFT for not asking any financial assistance from the government.

 for its activities except the initial seed money of Rs.1 billion, which he said despite having conserved approximately 40 sites remained intact. It is the matter of gratitude that today the EFT has a financial base of Rs.1.6 billion to promote its objectives,” he said

Syed Murad Ali Shah said, Sehwan is the country’s oldest town and its history goes back to centuries, much before Alexander the Great came to this region and then over the years along with the grandeur of the Indus it has seen many historical moments of which some preserved in history and some forgotten.

“Unfortunately not much attention had been paid to heritage of Sindh in the past, however with the transfer of these sites, the provincial government has taken steps to make the public aware of their heritage,” he said and added that restoring ruins was not an easy task as it is time consuming and need funds, international support as well as historical references and documentation. ” The scholars, historians and cultural institutions need to set down a cultural position to advise the government of priorities in this field”, the Chief Minister.

Talking about the historic town of Sehwan, the Chief Minister recalled that an international archeologist Monique Kevranan had initiated excavation under the aegis of the French Museum at Sehwan and since then no progress was witnessed. He advised the Sindh Culture Department to invite the French Mission to continue their work at the archeological sites of the town.