India in Balochistan...

Charges of foreign interference, including by India, in Balochistan and other troubled areas of Pakistan have, during the last PPP-led setup, also been levelled off and on, even by government functionaries holding responsible positions. However, somehow they invariably shied away from producing any documentary evidence in support of these charges, though claiming to possess them, and despite calls from the media and opposition political leaders failed to raise the issue either at the bilateral or international level. Nevertheless, the widespread public perception, undoubtedly, is that neighbouring and other countries are fishing in troubled waters in the strategically located Balochistan, possessing vast natural resources, to gain their own ends.
Now former Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali, who hails from Balochistan, has pointed an accusing finger at New Delhi, blaming it for infiltrating into the province through Afghanistan. In an interview with Al-Khaleej, he has said that to keep the pot boiling, certain foreign powers are funnelling huge sums of money into the tormented province. One hopes he would back up the charge with credible evidence. He is of the view that the issues concerning Balochistan could only be resolved when all institutions adopt one single agenda of tackling them. He is critical of the role of the outgoing PPP government, alleging that it had its own preferences that did not tally with the demands of developing the province and improving the lot of the people; rather, it further worsened their condition, thus losing the trust of the common man. Mir Jamali felt that the Baloch, should they have recourse to their traditional ways of settling issues, would be able to tide over the problem and succeed in bringing the situation back to normal.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who observed on Sunday that there was dire need for unity of approach between Pakistan and Afghanistan to defeat militancy, should first of all ensure that the infiltration the Baloch leader has talked about is brought to an end. And similarly the unseemly chapter of his wavering between fulminating against Islamabad and extolling it for being a real brother of the Afghans should be closed. That would demonstrate not only the seriousness of intentions to work with Pakistan, but also be a sign of his feelings for the good of Pakistan. There can be no question that the scourge could best be eliminated by the two neighbours working together.

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