PTI leader claims ‘govt will rig the election’ but his party will win

LAHORE   -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-In­saf (PTI) leader Imran Khan while address­ing his ‘last Jalsa of the election campaign’ in Lahore on Friday night claimed that the by-elec­tions to be held on Sun­day for 20 Punjab As­sembly seats will decide ‘the future of Pakistan’.

“When a nation wakes up, a revolution comes. The future of Pakistan will be decided on 17th July. Don’t worry, your captain knows how to compete,” Imran Khan told his supporters while addressing the rally.

Referring to the Shar­if family, Imran said, they have never been honest, they will rig the election. “These are the people who loot this country and run away as soon as they get a chance. Since 26 years I have been fighting jihad against these 2 families,” he said. “This nation is patient, if the nation is walled, you people will not find a place to hide.” In a bid to win his follower’s support, PTI Chair­man Imran Khan Friday addressed his last elec­tion jalsas in Faisalabad and Lahore, claiming that his party was going to win all the 20 con­stituencies. During the public gathering, the for­mer prime minister alleged that the PML-N was preparing to rig the elections because the party knows that PTI will clean sweep all the constit­uencies. “They will break all the records of rig­ging the elections,” he said while urging his sup­porters to guard the polling stations on the day of the elections. Khan said that his party will win against Hamza despite his party’s efforts to rig the elections. “We will celebrate Hamza Sheh­baz’s loss,” he added.

Taking a dig at the incumbent government, Khan said the United States imposed these “thieves” upon us so that it could use and dis­card them like “tissue papers.” “America does not want Pakistan’s betterment, it only wants to en­slave our nation,” said the ex-premier, adding that he does not want enmity with any nation but to be treated as equals. The PTI chairman vowed to fight against the incumbent government, saying that he will move the Supreme Court. “The Shar­if and Zardari families have never done anything sincere during their lives. They have been begging for the last 32 years now,” said Khan. He said that PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz was the owner of expensive properties in London, add­ing that “it is a pity that our justice system can­not hold these thieves accountable.” Highlighting the efforts by the PTI government, Khan said that his party did not increase the prices of commodi­ties in the country despite International Monetary Fund (IMF’s) pressure.