Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz Saturday said that the one doing politics of service will win in the by-elections in Punjab scheduled on July 17 (tomorrow).

CM Hamza, whose fate hangs in balance and depends upon the outcome of the by-polls, said the people will reject the fraud narrative and false slogan of Imran Niazi with the power of their vote.

The chief minister, in a statement, also directed the administration and the police to ensure the security of the voters and maintain a peaceful environment.

Warning that no miscreant will be allowed to spoil the environment during the polling process, he said that the Punjab government will guard the respect of the vote.

CM underscored that the motive of our politics is doing public service adding that Imran Niazi is doing politics of falsehood and deception.

The Punjab CM slammed PTI Chairman Imran Khan, saying that Imran Niazi has adopted the narrative to humiliate the institutions for the sake of his political motive.

He hoped that the people will reject the leader attacking the institutions along with his party with the power of their vote.

Amid allegations of pre-poll rigging from the PTI, the CM directed the police and the administration to remain completely impartial and neutral during the by-elections.

Directing the officials to strictly implement the election code, the CM maintained that we accept the power of the vote.