A matter of strategy

The political parties, jurists, lawyers and judicial movement activists should make their stance on restoration of CJP constitutionally orderly. It is the illegal selection (perforce) of the present CJP by the illegal act of a military ruler that has to be highlighted. Mr Dogars' selection as CJP also needs to be highlighted. The so-called restoration of CJP is a misnomer and the campaign should not appear to be person-specific but philosophically consistent. We need to establish that a legitimate CJP cannot be deposed by virtue of the constitution. He was illegally, forcefully unseated. The movement is against this illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional act. Mr Musharraf is liable to treason and that cannot be undone. The present legal set up of PPP is covertly supporting Musharraf's unconstitutional act for which he needs to be tried in courts both in Pakistan and ICJ. The PPP dillydallying must also be now exposed. They are deceiving and fooling the nation to hide their failure on this issue. -AISHA JAMALI, Jehlum, via e-mail, June 3.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt