Pakistan no cuckoo land

The souls of our founding fathers like Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, etc must be restless that the country which they strived to create as a modern democratic welfare state has become a land where illiterate criminals rebuke superior judiciary at will, while the executive provides them VVIP protocol. For the few who have amassed billions through insider trading, corruption, institutionalised real estate land mafia dealings, influence peddling, organised crime etc, Pakistan is a cuckoo land, where laws are meant to be broken and honor of its daughters can be bought and traded as if it is a saleable commodity. Having successfully pilfered the state or plundered poor widows of their meager land holdings, these vultures have become so emboldened that they consider this country a banana republic, which has become a safe haven for criminals, rapists, smugglers, terrorists and land or drug mafia dons. They dare not indulge in such behavior in the countries where they have shifted all their assets that they had acquired illegally in Pakistan. These men and their families cannot even imagine to break laws or ridicule judiciary, nor even get entangled with an ordinary cop in the countries such as Dubai, UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Malaysia etc. where their children live, but they consider it kosher to hurl insults at Chief Justice of Pakistan, which are carried live on television channels. These private television channels would not dare carry any such insults, if for example someone had the courage to point a finger at the political party, whose target killers go on rampage in Karachi daily, because they fear the fate that has befallen men like Wali Babar. If these pirates are not checked and punished then Pakistan would become a cuckoo land, where people with wealth can come and feel free to do, what in their wildest dreams they dare not think of doing in other countries. This land tycoon has publicly stated that in Pakistan money buys anything and people can get away without paying taxes, ridiculing and scandalising judiciary and public sentiments. If he gets away scot-free, than nobody in this country will pay taxes, no institution will be safe and this nation may physically exist like Somalia, but it will collapse from within.
Lahore, June 14.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt