Imran has nothing to prove foreign conspiracy: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that Imran Khan himself approved the press release of the National Security Council’s (NSC) meeting as he had no evidence to prove a foreign conspiracy against his government.

“Why did he approve the press release of National Security Council’s (NSC) meeting if he was convinced that there was a foreign conspiracy against his government and what has barred him from presenting the evidence, if any, before the forum,” she said while addressing a news conference. She said that Imran should, himself, have formed the judicial commission if he had any evidence which proved that his government was removed under a foreign conspiracy, she added.   Imran Khan had so far, failed to give any evidence to prove his claim of foreign plot against his government, she said, adding that as prime minister, he himself had chaired the NSC meeting and endorsed its minutes which ruled out any conspiracy against his government.

The minister said, the second meeting of NSC which was chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reiterated the same stance that there was no conspiracy against the previous government. The DG ISPR had once again categorically rejected any iota of foreign conspiracy against the Imran-led government.

“Political and military leadership present in both the NSC meetings had only one stance i.e. no conspiracy was hatched against the Imran’s regime,” she observed.

The minister said Imran Khan had evolved the theory of foreign conspiracy as he knew that all files and records were littered with the tales of inefficiency and corruption of his regime. It was part of his plan to use this fake narrative of the so-called foreign conspiracy to divert attention.

She regretted that the PTI leaders were attacking the state institutions at the whims of Imran Khan who wanted to divert attention of media and public from his corruption scandals.

When the narrative of conspiracy failed, she said, he came up with another narrative that there was a threat to his life. Now, he started blaming the present government for inflation which in fact was a gift of the Imran-led previous government.

She said, today the PTI leaders including Asad Umar and Shireen Mazari briefed the media under the guidelines of Imran Khan who asked them to divert media attention from their own misdeeds including the foreign funding case.

The minister said during his four-year rule, Imran Khan did nothing but to victimise his political opponents by initiating fake cases through NAB, FIA and other departments.

The minister said that due to incompetence, inefficiency, theft, loot and plunder of the previous government, the people of Pakistan were facing unprecedented inflation today.

“Inflation in the country today is owing to the weak foundations on which the incompetent and inefficient regime of PTI signed the IMF agreement,” she said, adding, the present coalition government and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif were working day and night to save the people of Pakistan from inflation.

The loot and plunder of the previous regime resulted only in the increase of the assets of Imran Khan and his front person Farah Gogi, she noted.

Imran Khan received prohibited foreign funds, indulged in money laundering of donations and did not declare his bank accounts, she maintained.

The minister remarked that when the SBP declared these accounts in the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the PTI tried to attack the ECP and when any news that exposed their scandals and actions to the public, Imran Khan brought a narrative based on catastrophe and destruction.

She said that Farah Gogi was Imran Khan’s front person who looted Punjab relentlessly, and if anyone spoke against her, Imran Khan got furious.

Deriding the PTI for its contradictory narratives about the no confidence motion, she said that on the one hand, they stated that there was a foreign conspiracy of regime change and on the other hand, they claimed that they already knew about the no-confidence motion.

Citing Imran’s recent corruption scandal worth Rs50 billion, she said the way he did loot and plunder was beyond the imagination of a layman. Imran did intervene in a deal between Malik Riaz, his family and the National Crime Agency just to make a commission and sell the national interest.

She said Imran’s front persons made billions of rupees in every development project implemented during the four-year rule of PTI.

Commenting on Imran’s plea to the apex court, seeking permission for another long march, she said he, himself, committed contempt of   court on May 25 by giving a call to his workers for reaching to the D-chowk, Islamabad.

Marriyum said Imran violated the apex court orders as he knew that it was hard for him to hold a small public gathering in a park near H-9 sector.

She said Imran, being in power for the four years, had not only shaken the foundations of the country but also sold the Kashmir cause and increased poverty with extreme inflation.

Marriyum said it was the coalition government which was clearing the mess left by Imran’s regime in the country by ruining the economy and increasing inflation and unemployment.

She said the country would be chartered on the path of progress and prosperity so that such “devilish people” who played with the people’s problems and national interests for political gains would never be able to devastate the economy.

The minister said despite the difficult conditions of the IMF, the coalition government had given pro-people, and agriculture, business, IT and investment friendly budget.

As regards Nawaz Sharif’s statement about return of Pervez Musharraf, she said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader had shared his personal experience of the last four years during which he faced cases on the pretext of holding an Iqama.

She regretted that the political opponents of Nawaz Sharif even did politics on the ailment of his wife by weaving a false narrative. He returned to the country along with his daughter and went to jail where he received news of his wife’s death.

Nawaz Sharif paid personal cost for his country, she said, adding his statement was in this context which was based magnanimity.

As regards the energy conservation plan, she said many initiatives including Saturday weekly off were taken and several others were on the cards to save the fuel.


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