RAWALPINDI - The model courts, set up across the country for providing speedy justice and clearing backlog of cases, have decided 257,318 cases during the last three years. According to the spokesman of the model courts, the witnesses of 462,957 were recorded during the hearing of various cases which include murder, narcotics, illegal possession and kidnapping for ransom cases. The model criminal courts disposed of 62,839 criminal cases, including 19,154 cases of murder and 43,685 narcotics, from 2019 to date. Similarly, the model civil courts disposed of 23,781 family disputes and 3,815 rent disputes, while model magistrates courts also decided 37,997 appeals and 19,697 review appeals in various cases during the period.The spokesman said model courts were established in 2017 for providing speedy justice to the people, adding due to the extraordinary performance of the model courts, the former Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan had approved the setting up of 57 more model courts on June 24, 2018, that were deciding pending cases on daily basis.