Terrorism and war on terror

Killing innocent people, creating terror in the peaceful societies is terrorism. Terrorism results from the last human desperate reaction. It can therefore be committed in different ways and forms.

Terrorism had started long ago when a weapon of mass-destruction had been used for the first time over the two peaceful civil populated — cities as a result of which the entire population had been wiped-out instantaneously. Those survived had become radio-active and suffered blood leukemia’s. So much so that the soil over which the weapon was used had also been made non-productive for along time for human use.

To justify such a horrible act of terrorism by just saying that ‘EVERY THING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR’ is ridiculous dirty-joke and is un-acceptable for the world societies.

The concept of terrorism develops and originates in the minds of the people who have been suppressed forcibly by the ruling rulers for long-time, subjected brutalities and injustices are done with them.

The freedom movements in Kashmir and Palestine lasting for seven decades and unresolved till today by U.N. Security council are the two global — issues as a result of which terrorism has spread all over the World today.

Interestingly, the myopic international human rights human rights organizations have never tried to intervene into the gross human rights violation in Kashmir and Palestine and reported over the international media.

A fresh recent indigenous freedom movement in Kashmir and repeated violation of the lime of control against Pakistan by India have made the situation in Kashmir grave and explosive, so much so that the entire region has become a nuclear flash point, over which the Western analysts have warned and predicted a nuclear war between India and Pakistan if the prevailing situation in Kashmir prolongs and does not stop. It should therefore be an eye opening for the regional and world powers, to realize and decide who is terrorist? India, claims to be biggest democracy of World or the people of Kashmir who just demand their right of self-determination?

In Palestine similarly, the situation is the same the World-Powers should also realize who is terrorist? ISRAEL? Or the Palestinians who just demand a separate home-land over their own soil and motherland occupied forcibly by terrorists.

A latest breaking news over the World media about a declaration of Jerusalem as a capital of Israel by the lunatic President of U.S.A has further made the World peace Vulnerable and explosive.

The War on terrorism had been ignited and started when the axis of evil powers forces had attacked Iraq and Afghanistan.

In reaction, at last on 9/11, a breaking news over world media about a terrorist air strike at World trade center’s had surprised and shocked the world capital. A terrorists organization ‘Al-Qaida’ based in Afghanistan was held responsible for this air-strike. This air strike was Israeli Mosad mastermind to divert U.S president pressures over Israel to vacate occupied Arab land of Gaza and Palestine.

The U.S and NATO forces without knowing the ground realities had attacked Afghanistan and started ‘War on terrorism’ with Taliban.

‘War on terrorism’ is the most difficult War of all the Wars. It differs from conventional Wars completely because its operational strategy is based upon surprises, un-expected suicide attacks, explosive blasts in crowds inflicting heavy causalities.

The ‘War on terrorism’ is an unending war. It has become a global challenge of this century. So much so that it has engulfed the entire middle east, south Asia and is today knocking the doors of Europe and U.S.A.

During the war in Afghanistan, frequent suicidal attacks by Taliban against U.S. NATO forces and their increasing causalities and coffins going back home, had soon forced U.S — NATO forces to realize, that they were unable to defeat Taliban and instead of accepting their defeat before the World, they had therefore decided to Quit Afghanistan and go back home. A token U.S force was left behind in Kabul as a watch dog in the region to look after its future game plans against Pakistan, Iran, India, China and Russia.

Pakistan has suffered most from the ‘War on terrorism’ which continues still, in Afghanistan. Terrorism has spilled over from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

The U.S and its ally India have virtually occupied the ruling powers of puppet Afghan Government and its agencies restricted to Kabul only. The agencies of both U.S and India, sitting in Afghanistan, have started a proxy — war in Pakistan and is operating into Baluchistan.

India, its agencies and according to the threatening statements of its political leaders look bent-upon this time to destabilize it politically, destroy its economy, create law and order deterioration and finally disintegrate it. in order to accomplish their mission its agencies had under the planning implanted paid and trained agents in almost every city of the country. In addition, the Indian agencies have also hired services of some of the power hungry political traitors from inside Pakistan. The game of taking and giving loans is the biggest conspiracy against Pakistan. Pakistan is today facing multiple challenges and the state of Pakistan with the help and grace of Allah Mighty has so far been absorbing the threatening all enemy shocks.

Pakistan was created to stay over the World map and it shall  Insha Allah.

It is a good Omen that Al-Mighty God has empowered both of our Judiciary and the armed forces of Pakistan with complete public support to rescue the sinking state of Pakistan.

The armed forces of Pakistan, having taken up the most difficult challenges to Pakistan, through its renounced professionalism and great sacrifices has succeeded in achieving its successes by re-establishing the Writ of the state destroyed all enemy hide outs and restored peace in the country. The armed forces of Pakistan have done a commendable job and are busy still to accomplish its mission.

Similarly, our supreme court, honorable and most respected pillar of the state, is comprised of highly qualified, professional honorable judges of highest caliber and integrity are constantly busy in daily hearings regarding the most important cases of national importance.

Pakistan unfortunately today is facing its history’s worst political mess. It reflects the downfall in the political character and bankruptcy of our political leaders and the political parties. The shaky, puppet ruling political Government of the country seems non-existing. The twenty million people of Pakistan therefore have great fruitful and constructive expectations from its Judiciary and the armed forces.