PTI workers throwing petrol bombs on police, Yasmin tells Alvi in leaked audio

LAHORE     -    In a purported audio leak in­volving the PTI’s central Pun­jab President Dr Yasmin Rashid and President Dr Arif Ali, the former has been clearly heard telling the latter that the situa­tion at Zaman Park had turned from bad to worse and that he [the president] needed to per­suade Imran Khan to give in for the time being to avoid an antic­ipated bloodshed and the likely postponement of elections. 

“Sir, the situation has wors­ened here. Our workers have started throwing petrol bombs". I think, you need to talk to somebody before it is bloodshed”, Dr Yasmin Rashid told the president as per the audio which is viral on the social media. 

At one point, during the conversa­tion, Dr Arif Alvi tells Dr Yasmin that he did not get her point. 

“I don’t really understand what you are saying”, he says. After this, Dr Yasmin Rashid explains the whole situation in detail and suggests an ac­tion for President Alvi to take before it is too late. “Look! As per the exist­ing situation, some people from the police and some people [our work­ers] will die. Situation will deterio­rate to the extent that elections will be postponed…which we had want­ed. I think what you need to do is, tell him… Khan sab that I think the best thing to do is to give in and fight an­other day. This is what I think is bet­ter because they (Govt ) will not back off”, she tells the president, adding that this is what she thought was bet­ter [in the existing situation] and was leaving the rest to him. 

In the purported audio, Dr Yasmin also tells the president that the Rang­ers were there, and the party workers were firing petrol bombs. “Their water cannon has been set on fire”, she says. Dr Yasmin also tells the president that she was intentionally sitting outside now for the first time because she had to call people and talk to them. Then again, she says: “This is now really re­ally going from bad to worse”. Presi­dent Alvi replies to Dr Yasmin saying that he would talk to Asad Umar also [in this regard]. “Ok.. let me consult with Asad Umar also, what he says [about it]”, the president replies. Dr Yasmin responds by saying that she had already talked to Asad Umar who had advised her not to talk to Imran Khan about it. “He [Asad Umar] is also sitting outside and says you need not talk to him [Khan sb]”. 

Dr Yasmin then asked Presi­dent Alvi to take to Shah Mahmood Qureshi as well. 

“You please also talk to Shah Sb [Shah Mahmood Qureshi]; he is sit­ting inside with Khan sb”. The con­versation ends with Dr Arif Alvi’s as­surance that he would do the needful. 

Also, in another purported au­dio, Dr Yasmin Rashid can be heard talking to former Federal Minister Brig. (R) Ejaz Shah conveying Imran Khan’s message about bringing more people to Zaman Park. Dr Yasmin Rashid tells Ejaz Shah that he should ask the Ex-MNAs, MPAs and ticket holders to come to Zaman Park along with people.

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