KABUL (AFP) - Border police this week arrested a man with 184 heroin pellets in his abdomen, a record in Afghanistan, as he was going to board a plane to India, a commander said Thursday. The man was arrested with another Afghan national at the Kabul International Airport, the border police chief at the airport, General Mohammad Asif Jabar Khil, told reporters. 184 capsules were taken out of ones abdomen (and) 91 from the another, he said at a press conference, where the plastic pellets each more than an inch (2.5cm) long and nearly an inch wide were laid out on a table. An Afghan woman was also arrested at the airport last week with 4.5km of heroin strapped to her body, he said. Khil said that in the past month, authorities had discovered 12 cases of people trying to smuggle out drugs through the airport, eight of which had involved smugglers swallowing pellets. Afghanistan produces more than 90 percent of the worlds opium, most of which is converted into heroin inside the country and then smuggled to Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East.