ISLAMABAD Realising the gravity of the situation, the political leadership of the country finally stood behind the Armed Forces of the country, setting aside their reservations with regard to the way the military operation was launched without taking them on board by the PPP-led government. Soon after launching of the military operation in Swat, Lower Dir and its adjoining areas, JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who is also one of the partners of the ruling coalition, came out criticizing the government for not taking his party into confidence before launching the military operation in the troubled areas of Swat. During the extraordinary session of the National Assembly called soon after the launch of the military operation, majority of the MPs came down hard on the Pakistan Peoples Party for not taking them into confidence before launching the military action in Swat. The National Assembly session, prorogued here on Friday, also gave a chaotic picture of the sharp divide among the political leadership over the military action in Swat and its adjoining districts. But the in-camera briefing participated by the countrys political and military elite gave a strong message to the whole world that on the sovereignty and integrity of the state the politico-military leadership was united. The sources in the JUI-F said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman was not against the action to crush militants but he had voiced concerns over the way it was launched without taking them into confidence. Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) had also opposed the way the whole operation was initiated without taking the Parliament into confidence. The sources in the Parliament disclosed to TheNation that those politicians who had opposed the military operation were actually not against the operation but were complaining against PPP-led coalition for keeping them in the dark before launching the operation. A source privy to the deliberations of the in-camera briefing disclosed to TheNation that it was hard to confront the Army Chief on the ongoing operation as the operation was launched with the prior approval of the incumbent government and if the political leadership was not taken into confidence it was the fault of the Pakistan Peoples Party and not the Armed Forces. Another political source closely monitoring the situation said that it was not possible for any political leader to annoy the sitting Army Chief by opposing him and above all what Army was doing in Swat and Malakand Division was being done with the consent of the government. A political analyst commenting on the situation said that the unanimous support for the military operation in Swat, following in-camera briefing, showed that they were annoyed with PPP-led government and the way it had kept them out while taking the decision on launching military operation in Swat.