CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry has vowed to eliminate corruption from the judicial rank and file and for that instituted a complaint cell under Justice Javed Iqbal wherein the public could accuse a judicial officer by furnishing proofs. In another news report CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has also formed a body to purge Food Department of corrupt officials. The powers-that-be elsewhere might also be tempted to follow suite and announce similar measures. The objective, no doubt, is laudable but, frankly, it's a tall order. If these purge-the-corrupt committees did perform their task with out any corruption, there will be hardly any one left to run the departments. Musharraf too had thought of doing something about eradicating the corruption altogether but in the end had to give it up, admitting publicly that the magnitude of corruption in the country was so huge that if he tried to pursue the matter, the entire administration would come to a stand still. To those who wish to eliminate corruption, may I point out that the present pays and allowances are not enough for the lower grade salaried persons to make their both ends meet. -COL (Retd) RIAZ JAFRI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, May 1.