PARENTS can now get fit when they go out with their children thanks to a pushchair that converts into a child-carrying bicycle in just 20 seconds. The three-wheeled Taga - described by makers as the ultimate 'yummy mummy accessory - carries youngsters from birth up to the age of six years old. Mums and dads can peddle their children from home to the park or shops and still have the convenience of a pushchair once they arrive. The bike saves on costly petrol and parking charges and helps protect the environment because it is carbon emission free. Children are carried in forward-facing seats between the handlebars and are secured by a five-point harness. A head cushion offers children added protection and a fully-sealed chain guard ensures that no clothes or body parts can get trapped. It is easily disassembled for storage and can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories including a shopping basket or rain hood. Taga, which is available in red, green, orange or light-blue, has been developed over the last four years by a team of international designers and engineers. Taga general manager Hagai Barak said the pushchair-bicycle turned a standard journey into an adventure. Telegraph Taga is what all busy city living, environmentally conscious parents have been waiting for. Navigating any town or city with small children can be challenging, not to mention time consuming, costly and harmful to the environment if you must go everywhere by car. Taga has been specifically designed to allow parents and children to travel together more intimately and easily, turning a typical urban journey into an adventure. Telegraph