PARIS (Reuters/AFP) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy told his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari he wanted Pakistan to have a wide-ranging deal to buy nuclear equipment like the one obtained by its rival India, Pakistan said on Friday. France has agreed to transfer civilian nuclear technology to Pakistan ... They have agreed that Pakistan should be treated like India, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told reporters after President Zardaris meeting with Sarkozy, explaining that Pakistan was suffering an energy crisis and needed nuclear power to guarantee its electricity supply. President Sarkozy said, and I quote him, 'What can be done for India can be done for Pakistan as well. This is a major development, Qureshi said. An official in Sarkozys office said France wanted Pakistan to improve its nuclear security but did not comment on the idea of an India-style deal. The President (Sarkozy) confirmed that we are prepared ... to cooperate with Pakistan in the area of nuclear safety, he said. The Sarkozys office said any such deal - while a diplomatic coup for Zardari - would need the agreement of other nuclear powers and the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the IAEA. Qureshi dismissed concerns about the safety of Pakistans nuclear arsenal and its proliferation history. Like India, Pakistan has also not signed up to the NPT. We will assure the world that we are an important and a responsible nuclear power and we can handle these matters without threatening or endangering anyone, he said. Pakistan has no issues with the IAEA. We are willing to give international guarantees. We want the world to feel secure, and Pakistan will give all necessary guarantees, Qureshi said when asked about the feasibility of a Pakistani nuclear deal. The world recognises the steps Pakistan has taken to assure and protect its nuclear assets. Everyone who matters is confident about our arrangements, the three-layer security system that we have put in place. Asked when French shipments might begin, he said: Today, in principle, the two countries agreed that there is a necessity that has to be fulfilled. In principle theyve agreed, and now the modalities will be worked out. Earlier officials said France and Pakistan have agreed to cooperate in the nuclear field, with Islamabad claiming an important breakthrough in its bid to be seen as a responsible nuclear power. Following talks between Sarkozy and Zardari, the French leaders office said he had offered to help Pakistan improve its nuclear safety capability. A spokesman for the French Presidency said Sarkozy had confirmed France was ready, within the framework of its international agreements, to cooperate with Pakistan in the field of nuclear safety. This is so the Pakistani programme can develop in the best conditions of safety and security, he added. Earlier, Zardari came away from the talks with a promise of 12 million euros (16.2 million dollars) in French aid for civilian refugees fleeing fighting between the army and Taliban, and insisted his forces would eventually prevail. Weve come to an understanding for a larger cooperation for the strengthening of Pakistan, strengthening of the war... the war going on in this region, Zardari said. He said the struggle was not just a military operation against a militia but a battle of ideas, and vowed not to give up. This is a fight against a mindset and theres no time limit, he said. Zardari thanked Sarkozy for his support, but played down these concerns. There may be concern always everywhere, but there is support and there is confidence in the world that democracy has always delivered, said Zardari. Sarkozys office issued a statement reaffirming Frances support for Pakistani democracy while urging Zardari to fight all the terrorist groups threatening his own country and its neighbours from Pakistani territory. Staff Reporter from Islamabad adds: Meanwhile, according to a fax message received from Aiwan-e-Sadr here, spokesman of the President Farhatullah Babar said that the assurances of the French pledges came during a meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris between President Asif Ali Zardari and President Sarkozy. France deeply admires the determination of the government of Pakistan to root out militancy from the country, the French President said, adding, France totally supports you Mr President and it is our determination to see Pakistan succeed. France will not only directly support Pakistan but also seek the support of the international community to the economic and political stability of Pakistan, the French President said. The spokesman also said that the French President assured President Zardari that at the forthcoming summit of the EU in Brussels, he (French President) would seek to persuade the group to allow Pakistan greater market access to enable it stabilise its economy and provide jobs to its people.