ISLAMABAD - The weekly inflation, measured through Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI), swelled by 11.20 per cent in comparison to that of the corresponding period of the last financial year during the week ended on Thursday, Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) data showed. According to official figures of the SPI, released on Friday, inflation for the combined group (average for all income groups) surged by 11.20 per cent during the period under review while it went up by 0.22 pc in a weeks time. Inflation for the lowest income group (Rs 3000 monthly income) enhanced by 11.48 per cent and increased by 0.27 per cent on a week-to-week basis. SPI for the highest income group (above Rs 12,000 per month) has augmented by 11.67 per cent on a year-on-year basis while jumped by 0.19 per cent on a weekly basis. For the second lowest income group (Rs 5,000 per month), the SPI inflation on a yearly basis swelled by 11.84 per cent and for the income group of Rs 12,000 per month it went up by 13.26 per cent. The weekly SPI covered 17 urban centres and 53 essential items from which prices of 19 items registered increase, 12 showed decrease and 22 remained unchanged in a weeks time.