ISLAMABAD-Seeking unfair advantage of the educational needs of the students, private educational academies are minting money by charging huge amounts from students at their sweet will. Mushroom tuition academies and coaching centres, mostly operating in the posh areas of the Capital are reportedly fleecing students by overcharging. Lack of quality education, absence of an organised mechanism and paucity of qualified teachers are a few persisting problems, which the students confront in tuition institutions. According to the details, a large number of teachers who are teaching in different schools and colleges of the twin cities are running their private tuition centres. The students of these institutions have reported that they are encouraged, persuaded and even pressurised by some of their teachers who own tuition centres to take private tuitions. Some students said that they were forced to take tuition by the teachers or otherwise, they had to bear the brunt of their 'wrath. Such teachers who teach their students at schools or colleges as well as at the tuition centres are reportedly victimising those students who dont resort to tuitions. If we dont get tuitions from them (teachers) they fail us or give us very bad marks in the school examinations. Those students who take tuition classes are given undue favours at schools, students of a private school reported. The details collected by this scribe reveal that the students who have opted for 'O levels or 'A level educational programmes are mostly being exploited by their teachers. In addition, several other students who are studying technical subjects like engineering sciences, medicine or computer softwares are also fleeced by the so-called tuition centres. The tentative evaluations of tuition rates depict that a student is being charged from Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per subject at tuition centres while these rates multiply in case of home tuitions. Also, TheNation observed that coaching classes offered by most of the academies for the preparation of Civil Superior Services (CSS) examinations also serve money-mongering motives of the academy owners. On an average, every academy is charging Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 per coaching course. Despite charging hefty fees, the coaching classes are offered for the compulsory subjects only, while the students are asked to prepare for the optional subjects on their own. CSS examination comprises twelve subjects; six optional and six compulsory, the academies provide coaching classes for the compulsory subjects only and that too against unaffordable rates, mentioned some students who recently took CSS exams. Moreover, the students also reported that ample assurances regarding the coaching of optional subjects were given by the academies, however, once they joined the coaching course, it did not happen.