PPP the pathetic

The thought that PPP-Zardari is re-joining PML-N in Punjab government makes me sick to stomach. I cannot forget the devil they played (for one whole year) in Punjab till the Long March settled the matters. Their obsession to occupy seat of power in Punjab through grand abattoirs PML-Q and office of the Governor has left an indelible black spot on our politics and also eroded the trust of the nation in them. Their divide-break up-usurp philosophy is chiefly responsible for the worst that has happened in Swat, FATA, Buner, Balochistan and Karachi. Their performance on economy, security, inflation, insurgencies, practically everything, is pathetic. Although PML-N is not joining them at the centre, the PPP, in all selfishness, has opted to join the Punjab cabinet on the rather dodgy pretext of 'reconciliation'. I wonder whether PML-N and its leaders, the Sharif brothers, have learnt anything from being repeatedly betrayed and stung by PPP-Z. They have offered to let PPP join the Punjab cabinet again perhaps out of courtesy. I think this is wrong because they have put themselves and Punjab at great risk. -MARYAM H. IBRAHIM, Mirpur, via e-mail, May 5.

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