LAHORE - The Royal Palm and Gymkhana golf teams are once again ready for their quarterly clash of Inter Club contest and this clash of the best ones of Royal Palm and Lahore Gymkhana will take place on Sunday (May 17). The first flite comprising Shoaib Bokhari and Waqar Saigol of Royal Palm matched against Shakeel Ahmad and Javed A. Khan of Gymkhana will tee off at exactly 2Pm from tee no 1 and from tee no 10 it will be Abdullah Sharif and Faisal Iqbal(Royal Palm) versus Salman Mehboob and Saeed Ahmed(Gymkhana). Total teams participating from Royal Palm in handicap category 0-9 are twelve comprising of two players each and similarly twelve teams are from handicap category 10-18 and will face same number of matching players from Gymkhana and they will tee off in flites of four after a ten minutes gap. The thirteenth team comprises the officials, with Royal Palm represented by Gen. Tariq, Captain and Col. Jameel Khalid, Director Golf Operations and from Gymkana it will be Tasneem Noorani, Chairman of Gymkhana and Ahsan Saeed Mian, Convenor Golf. Scoring will be on Ryder Cup format basis with the four ball match winners getting two points each and the singles winner getting one point each. In case the score of four ball or singles are level the points will be split evenly. Total points at stake are 52 and the team getting 26. 5 or more will become the proud winner of this grand contest. This is a team event and individual brilliance will not be enough to carry their team to the winning pedestal. Each of the 26 players will have to contribute in earnest to salvage glory for his club. Certainly Royal Palm has players like Waqar Saigol, Shoaib Bokhari, Tariq Misbah, Sardar Murad and Amir Mehmood who are considered golfers of tremendous ability and against them Gymkhana also rightfully boasts of their able ones like Aadil Jehangir, Danyaal, Javed A. Khan, Mohsen Zafar, Murad A. Khan, Shafiq Bhatti and Shahid A. Khan but then even at their very best they might be able to win points in their own matches but only the team with consistency from all its players will be able to save the day for the club they represent. The RPGC team comprises Sardar Murad, Waqar Saigol, Aamir Mehmood, Shoaib Bokhari, Omer Salamat, Faisal Ali Malik, Tanveer Najam, Nasir Mehmood, Abbas Ali Khan, Tariq Misbah, Dr. Haider Rasool Malhi and Aleem ur Rehman in handicap category 0-9 and Abdullah Sharif, Sharjeel Awan, Imran F. Mian, Shahid Abbas, Taha Mehmood, Hamid Sharif, Asad Agha, Fareed Bajwa, Faisal Iqbal, Qaiser Nazir, Naseer Akhtar and Max Babri. Contenders from Lahore Gymkhana are Aadil jehangir, Danyaal Jehangir, Murad A. Khan, Shafique Bhatti, Shakeel Ahmed, Javed A. Khan, Mohsen Zafar, Kh. Imran Zubair, Shahid A. Khan, Mohsin Anwar, Dr. Zahid A. Khan, M. Alam Sethi in the 0-9 handicap category and Mian Tariq Pervez, Asad Niaz, Mohammed Hassan Saeed, Salman Mehboob, Ishfaq Khalid, Omer Javed Zia, Ibrahim Qureshi, Dr. Waqar Farooqi, Saeed Ahmed, Ch. Akhter, Ali Ghafoor and Asad Hyder Shah in the handicap category 10-18. Royal Palm Golf Course has been prepared well for this test of nerves and golfing ability. . Championship tees will be in play which will make the task of the high handicappers a wee bit nerve wrecking;however most of the participants have enough experience and they will not be deflated by the distance or the fast greens.