LAHORE - Taliban dont want Sharia and at the same they do not want to let Sufi Muhammad enjoy all the material gains he is going to have in the name of Islam in Malakand Division, said the President of Swat Bar Association Aftab Alam while addressing the Lahore High Court Bar Association here on Friday. Aftab Alam and the Secretary of the Swat Bar, Sabir Shah were invited by the LHCBA to know about the situation in the restive parts of this Division. Alam telling the sad tale of what has been happening in his area over the last two and half years, said that mullahs are cutting the throat of their own people in the name of Shariah. He criticised the slogan of Pakhtunistan saying it worked to create split among them as they were still looking for their true identity. He strongly criticised the mullahs and extremists in the area saying, they did not know about Islam and their Shariah demand was also to gain power. He said Fata Regulation of 1975 was brought to enforce Shariah but it failed but prolonged for 18 years though it was brought for six months only. Aftab Alam exposing Shariah demand of Sufi Muhammad said, he originally belonged to JI, and was raised by the Civil Bureaucracy after an unpleasant incident took place between the MNA Dr Yaqub and DC Habibur Ullah and his present shariah demand was not without skeptics. He said mullahs and the bureaucracy joined their interests in Swat. Mullahs, he said, neither have worldly knowledge nor they know the true spirit of the religions. Refuting what Sufi had said about the Court, Alam maintained that the Supreme Court and the High Court were totally Islamic and the Constitution which envisages Federal Shariah Court met four corners of Islam. He said Shariah has never been a demand of Tehrike Taliban and TTP leader Maulvi Fazalullah is active because he did not want to let Sufi, his father in law, to solely enjoy the fruit of deal with the government in the material terms. The Bar president fully supported Nifaze Adal Ordinance saying it not only met the demand of the locals but also protected rights of the minorities of the area. The ordinance was quite in accordance with the constitution and he would protect the same to tooth and nails. The so-called claimants of Shariah, he said, abhorred giving Shariat right of property to women and added, in the name of Shariah different groups in Swat have been promoting their own agenda. He named various parts of the country where unrest is believed to be prevailed and said, it mostly was in reaction to the activity of mercenaries which he added, Pervez Musharraf has created on the behest of America. He said if America was sincere in peace in the world, it must sort out the problem of Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. He said Pakistan must also shun the policy of playing mercenaries for America. He said if the Swat inferno was not cooled down it would spread to other parts of the country. About the situation in Swat, he said, Taliban had created a deep fear in the whole area so much so no one can dare say anything against them otherwise they resort to large scale killing and devastation. He mainly blamed the politician and ulema for being inefficient to understand the situation and foresee their activity. For Sufi, he said, cutting throat of the people in the name of Shariah is jihad while Sufi opposes the struggle of Kashmiris for it is not for Shariah. He said the extremists have planned to capture this area of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sin Kiang to constitute an Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan and we all have to resist them. He said we all are human beings in the first place then Muslims and Pakistanis and outside it, we cannot subscribe to any other idea. The president of the Bar Munawar Iqbal, Gondal, the Vice President Mian Jamil Akhtar, the Secretary Muqtadir Akhtar Shabbir, and the Finance Secretary were also present on the occasion.