LAHORE - President Awami National Party Sindh Shahi Syed has said that Taliban and MQM were identical evils and the US was patronising both of them. He was speaking at Issue of the Day programme jointly organised by Nawa-i-Waqt, The Nation and Waqt TV here at Hameed Nizami Hall on Friday. The topic of the programme was 'situation prevailing in the country and role of political leadership. Drawing parallel between the MQM and Taliban, Shahi Syed said that both were using teenagers for vested interests after their brain washing. He said that the MQM has the same terror in Karachi as that of Taliban in Swat and Buner. He said that the Taliban were killing innocent people in NWFP while MQM was doing the same in Karachi. He said the MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has made the people of Karachi hostages in the name of ethnicity. He said that impartial judicial inquiry of May 12 incident could reveal all the reality. He said that the ethnic differences were fatal for the country but they were in benefit of Altaf Hussain. He stressed upon unity among people from different sects and ethnicity to face the internal and external challenges. Referring to Taliban, he said that they were creating unrest in the NWFP and tribal areas even before 9/11. He said that the ANP was continuously saying that it was not jehad but bloodshed and now the entire nation has recognised this fact. He alleged that the City government Karachi was patronising land mafia. He alleged that the City Nazim has helped his stooges in getting land worth over billions for peanuts and the PPP was more disturbed than the ANP on this happening. Demanding free and transparent elections in Karachi under the supervision of army, Shahi Syed said that though the ANP was against military intervention but it was the only way to stop large scale rigging by the MQM men. He stressed upon freeing Karachi from weapons, saying that it would help maintaining peace in the mega City. He said that sacrificing weapons was difficult for pakhtoons but he was ready to submit arms. He urged the government to set a fortnight deadline for submitting weapons for achieving the goal of durable peace in Karachi. Holding MQM responsible for all the ills in Karachi, he said that Altaf Hussain was making hue and cry about so called Talibanisation to get an excuse to kill innocent pakhtoons who were living in Karachi even before partition.