ISLAMABAD - Security forces have killed 55 militants in various parts of the Swat valley during the last 24 hours. According to an ISPR press statement issue here on Friday, three security forces personnel also embraced martyrdom and 11 others were injured. It further said that security forces also arrested an important Taliban commander, Dawa Noor, a known terrorist Taliban commander who was also member of TNSM Shoora and was grossly involved in terrorist activities in Sultanwas and Daggar. Before security forces launched operation in Buner, Dawa Noor was instigating civil population of the area against security forces on FM Radio and with the help of a loud speaker on a jeep, the statement said. Noor played crucial role in making possible Taliban terrorists take over of Buner, the statement said. At Peochar, Taliban miscreants attacked a security forces checkpost on retaliation by security forces, 13 miscreants were killed and one of their vehicles was completely destroyed, the statement further said. The security forces have successfully linked up at Udigram where Police have joined the Army troops, it further said. The policemen who have joined back are around 100 in number. According to the statement, during the effort to re-establish the security system in the area the security forces have established various checkposts between Matta and Bar Bamkhe. The security forces after clearing area of Giga and Jura, have now reached northwest of Matta, the statement said. During advance towards village Adai (south of Ramotai) the security forces destroyed two miscreant Taliban compounds, the statement confirmed. The miscreant Taliban fired heavy weapons from Sultanwas on the security forces in result of which one soldier embraced Shahadat while three others sustained wounds. At Kalpanai and Sultanwas around 42 miscreant Taliban were killed at the hands of security forces. During the process 15 vehicles were also destroyed, the statement said.