WASHINGTON - The US House of Representative has approved $1.9 billion in additional economic and security assistance for Pakistan in the current financial year, $591 million more than the Obama administrations request. The amount is part of the 2009 $96.7 billion supplemental measure to fund expenditures in Iraq and Afghanistan wars as also for enhanced American diplomatic missions abroad. For Pakistan, according to the House Appropriations Committee, $ 597 million is earmarked for economic assistance that includes agriculture, food security, displaced persons and improved access to quality of education, and $400 million for strengthening counter-insurgency capability of Pakistani forces. The funds for Pakistan counter-insurgency Capability Fund (PCCF) would be available on September 30, 2009, congressional aides said. Noting the importance of the region to American security the bill affirms support for the democratic Pakistani government, saying the United States and the international community have welcomed and supported Pakistans return to civilian rule after almost nine years with the free and fair elections of February 18, 2008. The congressional findings cited in the bill say Afghanistan and Pakistan are experiencing a deterioration of their internal security resulting from a growing insurgency fuelled by Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other extremist networks that continue to operate along the western border of Pakistan, including in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The bill urges that the governments of both Afghanistan and Pakistan must expand the writ of the national government across all provinces to secure their borders, protect their population, enforce the rule of law, and tackle the pervasive problem of corruption in order to bring security and stability to their people. Meanwhile, the Senate Appropriations Committee has passed its own version of the war supplemental bill. After passage of the measure in the Senate, the versions of the two chambers will be reconciled before the bill is sent to President Barack Obama for his signatures.