NEW YORK - Helping Hand, a Detroit-based Muslim organization, has become the first American body to join the ongoing relief efforts for the people displaced from Pakistan's north-west where government troops are trying to flush out militants. Shahid Hayat, Coordinator of Helping Hand and Ayub Bedat of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), told a joint press conference on Thursday night that an initial contribution of $50,000 has been sent to Pakistan for providing food and shelter to some 1.5 million affected people from Swat, Lower Dir and Buner. They said more funds were being collected to help the suffering people. Already, four medical centers, mobile health units and food distribution centres were being set up as also a tentage for some 300 families to accommodate some 3,000 people. The organizers also announced holding of a telethon on ARY television channel tentatively set for Saturday in the United States with the aim of raising funds.