KARACHI Issra Kachaiwong of Thailand won the Asian Snooker title outplaying Muhammad Sajjad of Pakistan by seven frames to three in the final played in Thailand, according to information released by the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association (PBSA) here on Saturday. The title contest which was expected to a close affair suddenly turned one-sided when the Pakistani awed by the occasion could not maintain his form that had carried him into the final. He is the first Pakistani in 12 years to reach the final. But he could not put the show which was expected from him. He managed to clinch just three frames and managed the highest break of just 51. In the semi-final, which he won on Friday, he had made a break of 104 which gave hope to the officials who are accompanying the two players in Thailand that Sajjad may give yet another powerful play to bring the title home. Asjad Iqbal was the other Pakistani in the competition. Issara had home advantage in his favour. His experience also helped him to win the final 17-49, 78 (78)-15, 65 (56)-73, 94-40, 66-6, 43-64 (51), 85-30,81 (81)-1, 123 (80)-8, 120 (61)-1. The team is returning home on Sunday evening. Results: Second semi-final: Issara Kachaiwong (Thailand) beat Yasin Merchant (India) 6-2 (46-75(60), 69(51)- 65, 56-27, 105(69)-13, 100(83)-10, 0-80(80), 67(67)-28, 64-44. Final: Issara Kachaiwong (Thailand) beat Muhammad Sajjad (Pakistan) 7-3 (17-49), 78(78)-15, 65(56)-73, 94-40, 66-6, 43-64(51), 85-30, 81(81)-1, 123(80)-8, 120(61)-1.