LAHORE - Chairman Islamic Democratic Front (IDF) and former federal education minister Munir Gilani has said democracy provides solution to people’s problems all over the world but failed in Pakistan because of selfishness and corruption of politicians.

Talking to the newsmen at an informal gathering here on Tuesday, he said if politicians work for collective interests, the country could still become an Asian tiger within a short span of time because it was blessed with plentiful resources.

Munir Gilani, who played an active role in Alliance for Restoration of Democracy (ARD) movement along with PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto, identified price hike, unemployment and load shedding the main problems of the country. He said it was the duty of every citizen to come out for his rights even if others stayed away due to fear or other problems. He announced a campaign that he was starting to solve these problems as a single-man force, in the hope that others would join him later. He expressed sorrow that politicians and bureaucrats were busy in personal interests while nobody was doing anything for the common man who was being crushed under unbearable burden of mounting prices, unemployment, load shedding and lawlessness. He warned that the situation could lead to a bloody revolution if rulers ignored this much longer. To a question, he replied that all problems could be solved if we could get rid of the corrupt politicians. He demanded immediate subsidy on food and essential necessities, and called for compulsory education for everyone.