Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s announcement to set up 100 model police stations in the province is no doubt welcome news. One is compelled to second his contention that a better work atmosphere will enable the policemen to perform better. If the target is to abolish the ‘Thana Culture’ and weed out corruption, one particular area that is in need of much focus is training and discipline. In fact how important this factor is can be seen from the exemplary armed forces, where each and every soldier is put through a rigorous training process. One would have wished that in view of the prevailing law and order situation, the department had put primary emphasis on training. It does not come as a surprise to see that today the police force itself is an easy target for the terrorists as witnessed in several attacks on police stations and security officials.

Besides, the force can hardly serve the public without modern forensic methods, scientific crime-fighting techniques and physical orientation. Owing to lack of such measures, street crime, house and bank robberies and car snatchings occur frequently. Hardly a day goes by in main cities particularly Lahore without such robberies. Also simultaneously a system of accountability to curb police brutalities and torture should be put in place. Model police stations would serve the purpose only if they were ‘model’ in the real sense of the word.