Islamabad - Millions are being uselessly spent on dysfunctional tube-wells in the federal capital while water shortage still remains a problem for the residents. Nearly forty percent of the tube wells in the federal capital have become dysfunctional and the workers deployed on these tube wells have been receiving income without performing their duty.

The residents of Islamabad are facing water shortages due to such state of affairs, even though the cost incurred on the dysfunctional tube wells amounts to millions.

According to details, there are more than two hundred tube wells in Islamabad. Out of these, about 80 are not functioning at all. Each worker of a tube well is paid about Rs 18,000 monthly, while each tube well has three workers. It means that more than fifty thousand rupees fall under income expense on each tube well.  It further implies that the government is spending millions of rupees to pay income even to the ghost-workers.

These ghost-workers do not come on duty for weeks and those who do, go home after few hours thus shirking their responsibility. The contractors hired by Capital Development Authority stop the workers from performing their duty. Moreover, they do not heed to repair the dysfunctional tube wells in order to save them money. There is no check on these contractors and thus they mismanage the tube wells. These malpractices make the provision of water difficult for the citizens of the capital city.