LAHORE - Despite lapse of one and a half years Katcha Link Road Drain is still under-construction and has become a permanent headache for local residents as well as commuters, thanks to lethargy of the government departments, a survey conducted by TheNation revealed.

It was witnessed that pace of construction work on the drain is slow and the contractors are lethargic as they could construct only some hundreds meters of the drain wall at the one side of the road in over one year and half years.  They cited shortage of funds and hurdles in release of allocated funds for this purpose on part of the government. The provincial government, CDGL/Wasa authorities and other departments seem ignorant as they have not given any timeframe for the completion of such an important project. The road links the newly built IT Tower from Pindi Stop of Peco Road to other roads and such undue delay in the construction is not only causing trouble for the local people but is also for those commuters who want to approach Link Model Town Road as a short cut way.

Moreover, the delay in the construction of drain and road is also causing over burdening the load of traffic on the other arteries linking Link Model Town Road and Peco Road and is causing traffic mess for hours daily on other roads.

Initially, the government seemed in haste for the construction of drain and the new road at Katcha Link Road and had planned to widen the road and for this purpose, CDG, LDA and other departments concerned started anti- encroachment drive and even demolished a number of other buildings constructed legally by the local residents and shopkeepers. However, the government later decided to acquire the land from owners and residents under laws and by paying them amount according to local rates (DC rates) in order to make plan a successful according to future needs.

The government demolished front portions of dozens of the houses and other buildings but did not pay compensation to owners despite passage of over one year of time.

The residents demanded of the government to complete the project as soon as possible and release their outstanding dues forthwith.