Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that efforts will be made to provide relief to the common man in the next budget and achieve macro economic stability through different initiatives.

He was addressing a meeting of the Federal Cabinet here in Islamabad on Wednesday. The federal cabinet met here with Prime Minister Gilani in the chair.

Giving guidelines to the Finance Ministry on the next budget‚ he said the budget should be people friendly and priority be given to alleviating the difficulties of common man and provision of relief. He said job creation through the next budget should be a top priority.

“Job opportunities for one hundred thousand youth be created. In order to ensure cost effective service delivery to the masses‚ expansion and strengthening of infrastructure and improvement of governance should be our priority”, he said.

He said recommendations of the Energy Conference held in Lahore should be the guidelines for resource allocation for Power Sector to address the energy crisis.

He said tax policy and tariff rationalization may be done thoughtfully without discouraging the local and foreign investment. Expeditious and full disbursement of PSDP budgets should be ensured during the financial year.

Apprising the cabinet about his visit to the United Kingdom‚ Prime Minister Gilani expressed the confidence that the visit would help further strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

He however regretted that when he was on visit to UK‚ some political leaders tried to undermine the sanctity of the office of the Prime Minister and urged their party workers to stage protest rallies in foreign land against me.

They failed miserably in their attempt, he said.

About relations with NATO and the United States‚ Prime Minister Gilani said “these are passing through a delicate phase where we need to take critical decisions keeping in view our strategic importance in the region and our national interests.”