KARACHI – An alleged slayer said to be involved in around 100 killings was arrested in a raid on Ranchore Lines on Tuesday, a senior police official told a press conference.According to SP Khurram Waris, the Special Investigation Unit had been tipped off about the presence of Rana Tasawar in Ranchore Lines. A kalashnikov and a TT pistol were seized from him. The accused, said the official, confessed that he had involvement in certain cases of targeted killings, robberies and other heinous crimes that took place over a period of two decades. Tasawar also confessed to having murdered 100 people, among them 18 policemen, including SHO Mohammad Sadique, constable Munsif and Nadeem Sonara. In a 2008 shooting incident in Mehran Town, Tasawar and armed accomplices killed four activists of the JSQM. In 1994 riots, the alleged criminal gunned down as many as 24 people in a single day. Further investigation is in progress. Meanwhile, police on Tuesday claimed to have arrested two gang-war members from Pak Colony area during a raid. “They were Lyari gang-war members involved in extortion, targeted killings, kidnapping for ransom and other criminal activities,” SP Amir Farooqi told a private television. Separately, a passenger bus overturned in Natha Khan area, leaving scores of people injured.