ISLAMABAD - An exhibition of as many as 22 miniature paintings with techniques of modern art was put on display by three artists here Tuesday at Rohtas Art Gallery.

The show entitled “Neo World Order” exhibited the collection by Artists Fahad Hameed, Noureen Rasheed and Shiblee Munir.

Fahad Hameed’s work is about his experience of ‘Traditional studies of Miniature paintings’. “It always instigate me to inquire about its original cores, the visual composition, specially very smooth plane divided surface but much rigid and unbreakable rules,” he said.

Explaining the works, the artist said, “The fundamental principles (thin fine lines practice with pencil on paper and the siyah qalam on wasli) of miniature paintings always magnetise me to find out the pleasure behind it. White lines of thread on the black surface are highly contrast (by colour and medium) but consummate the idea of ‘My first lesson of miniature painting’.”                 

Noureen’s work explores her experiences of life, “Surviving among the (cunning) set rules, I find myself vulnerable to obey such obligation, which has been penetrated in our lives tangibly or intangibly. My work is my own world where I try to depict my notions humbly, that is why I used lines (a minimal source of visual action) as metaphor to say my thoughts. Near to me each line denotes a galaxy of meaning rather a rigid last word,” she said.

According to Shiblee Munir, “Life is not real or false it’s about illusion. Experience is part of human existence and as a new media artist I strive to probe the lines between human and environmental relationships.

With our society’s existing dependence on emergent technologies comes a conflicted relationship between our culture and the concern for nature.”

This paradoxical bond between human beings and nature poses and solicits the need for a joint co-evolution between the living and budding technological innovations.

“My artwork began through the observation of these often strained relationships and came to fruition through the proposition of potential remedies for our constant struggle with co-evolution.  I introduce these remedies in the form of interactive art, repetition of lines, objects and mechanical manipulations. Somehow this makes illusions. My work invites technology, real and imagined, to heighten our awareness of existence. Though I find the development of evolving technology to be alluring, my work invites the viewer to experience a visual,” Shiblee said. The show continues till May 23.