SHIKARPUR- PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif Tuesday said he had no objection over bifurcation of Punjab, but he would never allow the same for Sindh.

Addressing a public rally in Shikarpur, Nawaz said he would never speak of any possible division of Sindh, even if President Asif Ali Zardari’s talked 100 times about creating new provinces in Punjab.

He declared the reinstatement of Bahawalpur’s provincial status as a right of the people of the region. Nawaz complained that all kinds of allegations based upon suspicion and mistrust had been levelled against him, as he had been accused of having ulterior motives in his endeavour to struggle for making Bahawalpur a province.

He berated the rulers for having failed to deliver and said Zardari did nothing even for his ancestral province during his tenure as the president so far.

Terming Benazir Bhutto as his sister, he reminded that he was the first one to reach the hospital after her killing, while those accompanying her had deserted her in her death. These very deserters are ministers, advisers and all the key-post holders today,” he pointed out the irony.

Nawaz scoffed President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani over their inability to arrest the killers of the PPP leader despite running the affairs of the state.

Nawaz urged the masses to help the PML-N in elections, so that it could serve the country and change its destiny.

Staff reporter adds from Sukkur: Nawaz said the PPP government had disappointed the people across the country.

“If the PPP government had worked, the patience of the masses would not have been tested,” he said while replying to newsmen questions at the Sukkur Airport before his departure to Shikarpur. Sindh PML-N President Syed Ghaus Ali Shah, Amir Bux Bhutto (son of Mumtaz Ali Bhutto) and other PML-N leaders were also present on the occasion.

Nawaz, who arrived on two-day visit to Sindh, stressed that everyone should be equal before the law. “The country cannot develop unless there is rule of law,” he observed, adding that his party believed in the supremacy of Constitution.

He said the people were disappointed with the performance of present government what they were expecting at the time of casting their votes.

People were facing lot of miseries as result of power crisis, unemployment, lawlessness, poverty and inflation due to which it was beyond the approach of poor to meet the two ends meet, Nawaz added.

He said the Supreme Court had announced the verdict against prime minister and also convicted him in the contempt case, after which he was required to quit the office.

Nawaz said the people were much frustrated from the government, who had completely failed to fulfil their expectation as the rulers overlooked the purpose for which people had voted them to power.

Replying to a question, he said the missing persons were in custody of those who had picked them and these peoples were required to be brought into public.