GUJRANWALA - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Barrister Ali Ashraf Mughal has condemned political and administrative pressure on the EDO Health for disposing of the case of fake medicines and demanded a high-level inquiry into the serious matter pertaining to public health.

While talking to party workers, Mughal threatened to initiate a protest if the case was hushed up to save the “ringleader and his accomplice” involved in the heinous crime. He said, “The Punjab government has been beating the drums of its merit policy but unfortunately undue political pressure has been exerted to dispose of the fake medicines case only to save some blue-eyed.” EDO Health Dr Azher Masood Bhatti is being threatened by some leaders of the PML-N as well as administrative officers of the city and the Punjab government has been ignoring the issue just to achieve political mileage,” he charged.

The PTI leader warned that if the police did not arrest the ringleader of the gang and his accomplice and ensure demands of the justice, the PTI would resort to a protest movement to expose the so-called political leaders and their supporters.