President of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said that the Sindh card could no longer be used as it had “run out of credit”. Speaking to reporters in Shikarpur, the PML-N chief blamed the country’s rulers of being disconnected from the people and oblivious to their problems. He said it was time the government had paid attention to the masses’ issues and served the people. He said people are fed up of government’s corruption and mismanagement. Nawaz said Sindh card has been emptied by those who were filling their pockets with poor people’s money and they would now go back home as people would not support them. He said if people were served selflessly, there would be no need for any card. The PML-N President said the party has in its hand “Service to Pakistan Card” and it would serve the people of Pakistan. He said whoever gave good advice to the rulers, they turned against him instead of correcting themselves.  He said the PML-N was sincere in moving with the rulers for the service of the country but there was no sincerity in rulers intentions. Nawaz said if the PPP had joined hands with the PML-N, people would have been praising the government. He said the PML-N believes in service of the people and was ready to cooperate with those who feel pain for the poor masses. He said there could be difference in ideology, but every one want to see Pakistan progressing. He said if Sindh has reservations over the construction of Kalabagh dam, it should not be taken up. Replying to questions, the former prime minister alleged that Rehman Malik’s past was rife with graft cases, saying that the interior minister had previously been convicted by the courts. “Who is he to accuse others? He is not an angel,” said Sharif. Nawaz Sharif said those talking about Punjab’s partition have no realization what they are doing.