A WOMAN addicted to lip filler injections was nearly killed by them in a search for the perfect pout.

Lauren Smalley, 30, was left disfigured and traumatised by plastic chemicals. She endured hours of painful treatments and surgery to remove Bio-Alcamid from her face after it was used to provide her with permanently plumped lips. And she suffered cruel jibes because of its effect. But her obsession nearly ended on her deathbed when the Bio-Alcamid formed tiny tumours called granulomas in her face.  The infection which followed caused her to be hospitalised with suspected septicaemia - and a surgeon had to remove the product from her top lip. Now the financial researcher faces years of expensive and painful treatments to reconstruct her disfigured lip.  Lauren first started to experience body dysmorphic disorder - which makes sufferers become obsessed with perceived physical flaws or imagined ugliness - by the age of 15. She was prescribed medication but started obsessing the only way she could overcome her insecurities was to change her face.  Lauren, of Bristol, said: “Bio-Alcamid has left me dreadfully scarred and I feel deformed now. I’d like to tell anyone who is considering using lip fillers to be careful.”  Lauren’s problems started at age 12. She said: “I began to hate the way I looked.” Within a few years, she began having regular injections of lip fillers Perlane and Restylane at a Harley Street clinic in London.  Soon she was going on a monthly basis, spending around £250-£300 a time. She said: “I began looking for a permanent filler to reduce my number of visits to London and came across Bio-Alcamid.” –The Sun