The power crisis across the country has intensified as the overall electricity shortfall reached 4250 megawatts.

According to sources, the country is witnessing unannounced load-shedding of 10-15 hours as the electricity shortfall has reached 4250MW.

The overall electricity produced in the country stands at 26,500 MW against the demand of 22250 MW, causing a shortfall of 4,250 MW.

Due to shortfall, the duration of load-shedding in rural areas has reached 10 hours whereas, urban areas were facing 10-12 hours of load shedding.

The prolonged load-shedding has increased the miseries of the public, causing difficulties to perform daily chores.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is in the grip of a blistering heatwave, with parts of the nation already scorched by high temperatures.

Previously, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif  had directed distribution companies against carrying out loadshedding during the three days of Eid ul Fitr and warned those who fail to implement the directive.