Pakistan vulnerable to heatwaves, heavy rains: Report

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan is included among the 10 countries vulnerable to frequent and intense climate change events such as floods, droughts, cyclones, heavy rains, heatwaves/ extremely high temperatures, revealed a recent report of Federal Flood Commission.
“The average global temperature has increased due to increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere for last many years.
During the last century, it increased by 0.6 degree Centigrade and is likely to increase further by 1.0 degree Centigrade to 4.0 degree Centigrade till the end of the current century,” it added.
“The most recent extreme climate events witnessed by Pakistan are floods hitting various parts of the country during the monsoon season. The frequency of occurrence and intensity of floods has considerably increased during the past several years. The water security of the country is also threatened by the climate change.”
“The increasing temperatures in the northern mountains of the country are likely to result in glacier melting, thereby affecting the flows of Indus River System,” read the report.

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