Afghan scholar makes history in Pakistan’s medical realm

Peshawar   -   Dr. Ihsanullah, from Afghanistan, has etched his name in history as the first international scholar to successfully defend his MPhil thesis in Oral Pathology at the esteemed Institute of Pathology and Diagnostic Medicine (IPDM), Khyber Medical University (KMU). Under the mentorship of Dr. Benish Aleem, Dr. Ihsanullah’s groundbreaking thesis, titled “A Histopathological Study of Carious Permanent Teeth in the Population of Jalalabad,” represents a significant contribution to the field.

Enrolled since spring 2022, Dr. Ihsan’s academic journey was supported by the Allama Muhammad Iqbal scholarship, highlighting the enduring partnership between Afghanistan and Pakistan facilitated by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Rubina Nazli, Dean of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) at KMU, commended the institute’s dedication to fostering international collaborations and professional connections between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Dr. Yasar Yousafzai, Director of IPDM, stressed the vital role of academic exchanges in promoting human resource development crucial for Afghanistan’s reconstruction. He emphasized Dr. Ihsan’s achievement as a beacon of excellence, showcasing KMU’s commitment to providing world-class education and attracting students from neighboring nations.

Dr. Ihsan’s accomplishment not only exemplifies academic excellence but also strengthens the bond between Pakistan and Afghanistan, paving the way for future generations of scholars to pursue high-quality education and contribute to the advancement of medical sciences.

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