JUI-F chief takes U-turn by softening stance on Imran

ISLAMABAD   -   The seasoned politician and head of the Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam Pakistan Moulana Fazal ur Rehman has taken a ‘U-turn’ over his strict stance about former prime minister Imran Khan saying it was all political statement that he termed Imran Khan an agent of Jewish lobby. Moulana was the forerunner in the political lot, who often terms Imran Khan as “Jewish agent” and he criticised him for his alleged pro-Jewish and Isreal policies.

Though, the rivalry between two political leaders has been decreasing since the general elections in February 2024 as both have rejected the election results but the JUI Chief has surprisingly recalled his views about Imran Khan on Wednesday.  He was talking with media in Multan, where replying to a question regarding his previous allegations against Imran Khan, he tried to explain that if he was saying anybody a Jewish agent then it was a political statement.  He said these are the political terminologies and same should be taken them into proper perspective rather than replying in abusive language.

Talking about his possible alliance with Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf against the incumbent government, he said though we have had a decade-long rivalry with this party but now we can move forward jointly for the sake of the country.  He said we are political people and we will welcome if PTI will come for negotiations. He, however, explained that any such move would be based on mutual respect and both parties have to take confidence building measures to come closer.

He revealed that two visits of PTI’s delegations, several party leaders are also meeting with him behind the scene to bridge the gap.

When he was questioned about an offer to him by powerful circles to become president of the country, he said he is not the politician, who believes in offers but will become president or prime minister when people will elect him for these positions.

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