Lahore stats show violent crime dramatically falling

LAHORE   -   The new data shows a 34pc decline in robbery cases in May 2024 from 2023, a 41pc decline in reported violent crime and an 85pc decline in reported vehicle snatching incidents in addition 35pc decrease in vehicle theft. Also, the city police noted 74pc decline in incidents of aerial firing and an 86pc decline in kite flying incidents. That’s based on data from Lahore Police Helpline (Rescue 15), which records the emergency calls of crime incidents and police response to crime happening. A police spokesman on Wednesday said that the city police noted dramatic decline in violent crime during the month of May of this year as compared to the previous year. According to Lahore DIG (Operations) Muhammad Faisal Kamran, the incidents of crime against property declined significantly after all police units including the Patrolling Response Units (PRU) and Dolphin Squads were mobilised in three different shifts to fight street criminals. “Police deployment definitely helps prevent crimes. We have mobilised all police units in different shifts. Armed patrolling on bikes and cars has also been intensified,” DIG Faisal said Wednesday.  Lahore Police’s prompt response to calls on the police helpline ‘15’ has yielded a significant decline in the crime rate across the provincial capital, he added. According to data from Helpline 15, the diligent efforts of Lahore Police have resulted in a 32pc reduction in serious incidents like murder and attempted murder. DIG Operations Faisal highlighted these achievements in his statement on Wednesday. He noted a reasonable reduction in crimes against persons during the same period. Additionally, robbery cases have seen a 34pc decline compared to the previous month, demonstrating a marked improvement in the investigation quality of ongoing cases over the past 6 months. Underlining the success of Lahore Police’s proactive strategy, DIG Operations Faisal Kamran mentioned the effective control of motorcycle theft crimes. The ongoing crackdown against proclaimed offenders, coupled with a robust system of checks and police patrolling, is attributed to the notable reduction in serious criminal incidents. He further said that intelligence based operations are being conducted against drug dealers on a daily basis to make the city of Lahore drug free. During the current year, the police arrested at least 4005 drug pushers after registering 3,888 cases against the drug peddlers. Lahore DIG Operations Muhammad Faisal Kamran said Wednesday that solving the problems of the police employees and best welfare in matters related to professional affairs are among the top priorities therefore, on behalf of the employees, all possible relief should be provided to the applications related to discipline, welfare, recruitment and service matters submitted by the employees as per merit. He also directed that all supervisory officers should always keep the doors of their offices open for subordinate employees and relief should be given to force regarding every problem. He expressed these views during his visit to the residence of a policeman who received multiple injuries while fighting the criminals.

‘Open Court’

DIG (Operations) held ‘Khuli Kachehri’ (open court) at his office on Wednesday, a police spokesman said. The open courts were attended by citizens and senior police officials. The open courts are being held across the city to ensure the early redressal of public complaints, he added. At the outset of the proceedings, the participants shared their grievances and also gave suggestions to resolve them. The DIG issued orders on the spot to address the issues of the participants and assured them that their suggestions will be taken into account. The DIG highlighted that police were determined to resolve the issues faced by the citizens. However, the open courts were helpful in maintaining direct relationships with the public. He asserted that better strategy on part of the police led to reduction in crime in the city. Lahore Police are taking steps to control crime further. DIG Faisal said that negligence on the part of the officials concerned would not be tolerated. ‘Open Courts’ were being held to provide the citizens immediate relief and address their complaints besides it also helps improve standards of policing.  All-out efforts should be made to ensure the dispensation of speedy justice purely on merit to the people and improve service delivery standards in the district, the DIG added. The police spokesman informed that the senior police officers under the Punjab Chief Minister’s open door policy were holding ‘Open Courts’ to provide relief to the citizens.

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